Nike Football – Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘The Switch’ Soundtrack #SparkBrilliance

Nike Advert Song 2016 – Soundtrack details for ‘The Switch’ Cristiano Ronaldo TV ad, plus watch the full length 6-minute #SparkBrilliance video.

Trailer Song Title and Artists: ‘Day Ones’ by Baauer feat. Novelist & Leikeli47.

Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Full Film Soundtrack: ‘Turn Up’ by The Heavy.

Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

The above advert video that has been airing on TV is effectively a promo trailer for the full length film below. As detailed above, each video uses a very different soundtrack.

Providing the music to Nike’s shorter TV ad trailer is Baauer featuring Novelist & Leikeli47 with the song ‘Day Ones’. Meanwhile the extended film uses The Heavy’s ‘Turn Up’. Both tracks were first released for download earlier this year.

The basic storyline of Nike Football’s The Switch is, while playing for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo accidentally clashes with a young fan/ball boy which leads to the pair switching bodies.

This results in Ronaldo now living the boys life and the youngster waking up as one of the worlds greatest footballers, minus the skills. Both then train hard to get themselves to the top of the game, where they’re destined to meet again.

In a match between Portugal and England the pair go in for a 50/50 tackle that probably deserves to see them both sent off. But rather than seeing red, the pair instead see stars as the collision leads to the players switching back to their original bodies.

Incredibly, just five days after being uploaded to Nike Football’s YouTube channel, the full film has been viewed more than 30 million times.

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