New Amsterdam Vodka Advert Song – ‘All Rise’

New Amsterdam Advert Music – Soundtrack information for the ‘All Rise, Na na na na’ TV and YouTube vodka commercial.

Song Title: All Hail Now.

Artist/Group: Crown and the M.O.B.

Download The Full Length Track From: iTunes.

This latest New Amsterdam Vodka ad for British television features a song called ‘All Hail Now’.

The track is performed by the Brooklyn-born rapper Crown, along with Venice-based band and production team the M.O.B., which stands for Message of the Blues.

The lyrics from ‘All Hail Now’ used in the advert are: ‘All hail now. All rise. I Crown do solemnly swear, to take this thing to the next level. All in favour, say na. Na na na na. . .’

Although the song has been used in earlier New Amsterdam commercials, this particular UK video was uploaded to the vodka brands YouTube page on the 9th of October, 2015.

Visual slogans shown in the ad include: ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’, ‘All Rise’, ‘This Is New Amsterdam’ and ‘It’s Your Town’.

Distilled five times and containing 37.5% alcohol, New Amsterdam is described as a premium vodka with unparalleled smoothness – possessing a clean, crisp taste.

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