Nest Advert Song – Nest Thermostat ‘We Love Home’ Commercial

Nest Commercial Song 2016 – Music and band info for the ‘Thoughtful Home’ companies ‘The Conservationist – We Love Home’ TV advert.

Song Title: Home And Exile.

Singers/Band: Sonny and the Sunsets.

Available For Download Via: iTunes and Amazon.

This current TV ad for Nest shows a boy working hard to help save the planet, from using food waste as compost and recycling drinks cans, to switching off the lamp his father has on in the middle of the day while the curtains are drawn.

But just as he’s about to use the Nest thermostat to turn down the heating, his dad beats him to it with the help of the systems accompanying mobile app.

The song you hear playing in the background of this commercial is called ‘Home And Exile’ – A tune released for download back in April of 2011 by the American West coast band Sonny and the Sunsets.

Home And Exile also features on the groups modestly titled album ‘Hit After Hit’.

The above 20-second ‘The Conservationist (UK Nest Commercial)’ video was uploaded to the official Nest YouTube channel on the 17th of October, 2016 and is currently being broadcast during TV ad breaks.

Nest specialise in developing home automation technology which includes such products as Wi-Fi connected thermostats, security cameras and smoke detectors.

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