Nescafé Original – Leave Like A Legend

Nescafé – Music and band info for the coffee brands new ‘Swooshy Man’ Leave Like A Legend internet and TV ad.

Song Title: Here I Go Again.
Singer/Band: Whitesnake.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.
Nescafé Originals Swooshy Man
This new rock-themed TV advert for Nescafe Original coffee encourages viewers to ‘Leave Like A Legend’.

The ad shows a long-haired guy standing outside his front door while enjoying an early morning coffee bean shower.

From there this 80’s throwback walks to the bus stop with real purpose, before practising a little hula hooping while he waits.

Providing the ads very appropriate soundtrack are the English rock band Whitesnake, with their classic 1982 anthem ‘Here I Go Again’.

Now one of those quality rock songs that never seems to get old, Here I Go Again originally topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 9 on the UK singles chart.

The above ‘Swooshy Man – It all starts with a Nescafe’ commercial was released in mid-October, 2016, and should begin airing on UK TV any day now.

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