NESCAFÉ Gold – ‘For The Moments That Matter’ Stand By Me

NESCAFÉ Advert – Watch the full-length video of the brand new ‘For The Moments That Matter’ TV ad for Nescafé Gold coffee, plus music and singer details.

Song Title: Stand By Me (Ben E. King cover).
Artist/Singer: Sunnie Williams.
Download the original Ben E. King version from: Amazon and iTunes.

This great new TV advert for Nescafé Gold shows a man walking out in front of the estimated 80,000 people we each meet during our lives.

Step by step, the guy asks those to sit down who can’t remember his name, those who didn’t know his nickname at school was princess, if they don’t know about the one who got away, if they’ve never seen him cry and finally if they somehow lost touch.

Then after the last two people sit down, he asks “Do you have a moment now?”, which leads to a special few walking down to join him for a chat and a cup of coffee.

Finishing with the slogan ‘For The Moments That Matter’, this 90-second ad perhaps reminds some viewers of what the true definition of a friend is, in contrast to its far looser Facebook meaning.

The music playing in the background of this Nescafé commercial is a cover of the classic song ‘Stand By Me’, which was originally recorded in 1960 by American singer-songwriter Ben E. King.

According to Nescafé, the version featured in this advert is being performed by female vocalist Sunnie Williams, who we believe is a singer-songwriter from Sacramento, California. Unfortunately, Sunnie’s cover so far hasn’t been released for download as an official full-length single.

Filmed on location in the Plovdiv Roman theatre, Bulgaria, the above full 90-second version of this ‘For The Moments That Matter’ TV advert was posted to the UK Nescafe YouTube channel on the 9th of October, 2017 and is currently airing on commercial television here in Britain.

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