NatWest – ‘I Got Bills’ Reward Current Account

NatWest Advert – Actor, singer and song details for the ‘3% Back, Reward Current Account’ TV commercial.

NatWest’s latest ad for their Reward current account is set to the music of American hip hop singer/rapper LunchMoney Lewis, with his track ‘Bills’. The song was released for download in May, 2015 and reached number 2 in the British singles charts.

Song Title: Bills.
Artist/Singer: LunchMoney Lewis.
Available To Download Via: iTunes and Amazon.

Some of the very appropriate ‘Bills’ lyrics used in the advert are: ‘I got bills, I gotta pay. So I’m gon’ work, work, work every day. I got mouths, I gotta feed. So I’m gonna make sure everybody eats. I got bills. Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man.’

If your wondering who the man in this new NatWest ad is, you may well recognise him from the ITV drama London’s Burning. The actor’s name is Ross Boatman, and apart from playing Kevin Medhurst in the aforementioned series, he’s also appeared in such TV shows as Secret State and The Secrets. Any poker fans out there may also know Ross and his brother Barny as part of The Hendon Mob group of players.

The above video, which was uploaded to NatWest’s official YouTube channel on the 23rd of October, 2015, shows Mr Boatman playing a father attempting to combat his kid’s relentless money-wasting habits.

From turning down the heating and getting his daughter off the phone, to constantly flipping off light switches, this guy’s fighting a familiar losing battle. Thanks to NatWest though, he can take some comfort in knowing his Reward account at least gives him 3% back on household bills.

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