NatWest Advert – Girl with Shopping Trolley Pound Coin

A young girl is the star of this ‘This Is How We Do It’ 2020 to 2021 TV advert from NatWest, as we see the actress celebrate retrieving a pound coin from a shopping trolley that her dad appears to have forgotten.

After releasing the coin from the trolley, the girl marches her way back to the car while showing off her prize to those around her.

A boy looks on in amazement as the girl even makes the pound disappear with a little magic trick. The facial expression on the supermarket shopping trolley collector is particularly amusing as he’s distracted by the young lady’s antics.

However, the girl’s glory ends up being short-lived as, after getting into the back of her father’s car, he remembers the pound and asks for it back. A bit harsh really.

Song Title: This Is How We Do It.
Artist: Montell Jordan.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The NatWest advert music playing in this current ad is a song titled ‘This Is How We Do It’ that’s performed by the Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter, record producer, and pastor, Montell Jordan.

Released back in 1995, This Is How We Do It was Jordan’s biggest hit single, peaking at number 11 here in the UK charts, but reaching the top spot on the American Billboard Hot 100.

17 February 2020

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