Nationwide Advert Music – Life’s Better When We Share

Nationwide Advert Music 2016 – Artist and song details for the building societies brand new ‘Life’s Better When We Share’ TV ad campaign.

Song Title: Make It With You.

Singer/Band: Bread.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

The soundtrack to Nationwide’s new advert comes courtesy of the American soft rock band Bread, with their 1970 hit ‘Make It With You’.

Taken from the LA groups second album ‘On the Waters’, the song reached number 5 on the UK singles chart and topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Some of Bread’s many other great songs include ‘Baby I’m-a Want You’, ‘If’ and my personal favourite ‘Everything I Own’ which featured in a 2014 ad for HSBC.

Nationwide’s latest commercial tells us that good things happen when we share. To help demonstrate this, the film shows a girl going around, giving away all her fairy cakes, but each time getting something back in return. After receiving various flowers, badges and bracelets, as thanks for her last cake the girl gets a seemingly unwanted kiss from a boy.

All this generosity is designed to promote the companies latest offer where they’ll give existing current account customers £100 for recommending a friend.

This 40-second video was posted to the Nationwide Building Society YouTube channel on the 10th of June, 2016.

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