National Lottery – Fisherman

The National Lottery continue to promote the concept that winning lots of money can make life easier and more enjoyable with this new ‘Amazing Starts Here’ advert. The film shows a fisherman working hard while away at sea. But when he returns home, the house is empty and he finds a note for his partner. Luckily for him though it’s good news as it turns out they’ve won the lottery and she’s bought a new home of their own.

Song Title: Her Dreams.
Musician: Luca D’Alberto.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

Providing the soundtrack to this National Lottery advert is Italian musician and composer Luca D’Alberto, with his 2017 song ‘Her Dreams’. This piece of music is available to download either as a single or as part of D’Alberto’s ‘Endless’ album, which by the way doesn’t have an infinite running time.

This 2-minute long ‘Fisherman – Amazing Starts Here’ advert video was posted to The National Lottery YouTube channel on 14 September, 2018 and is now airing on commercial TV.

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