National Lottery Advert – Magic Numbers

This new 2019 to 2020 TV advert from The National Lottery celebrates the positive impact players have had on good causes throughout Britain over the last 25 years.

The ad video was directed by Michael Gracey, who was the director of the 2017 musical drama film The Greatest Showman, and shows some of the hundreds of groups from around the country who’ve benefitted from lottery funding. The 90-second ad stars singers, skateboarders, actors, cyclists, wheelchair basketball players, mobility scooter users, cheerleaders, military servicemen and servicewomen, beekeepers, and even a giant robot, all of whom have had their lives or hobbies enhanced by people buying lottery tickets.

Song Title: Three Is a Magic Number (cover).
Original Artist: Bob Dorough.
Download The Original From: Amazon UK.

This latest National Lottery advert song is the video’s stars singing a cover of the tune ‘Three Is a Magic Number’. This piece of music was originally written and recorded by the American singer-songwriter and composer Bob Dorough for the US musical TV show Schoolhouse Rock!

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