Napolina Advert Music & Singers

Here’s a look at the new Napolina TV advert and the music that features in it. Titled ‘Food Created with Love’, this brand-new ad campaign video for the Italian cooking brand shows a couple preparing dinner in a dark kitchen, before sitting down together at the dining table for a romantic candlelit meal.

Some of Napolina’s food items showcased in this ad are the brand’s tinned tomatoes, bronze die linguine, and two varieties of their olive oils.

Music Title: Ti Amo (I Love You).
Singers: Cecily Redman & Lawrence Smith.

This 2019 Napolina advert song is a brand-new piece of music performed by British opera singers Cecily Redman and Lawrence Smith. We’re not 100% sure of the title of this classical tune, but we’ve gone with the adverts unofficial tagline of ‘Ti Amo’.

The song was written by Alexander Teller, while this Napolina ad video was directed by Michael J Ferns. As this soundtrack was recorded specifically for the 30-second commercial, opera music lovers may be disappointed to learn that it hasn’t been released for download as a full-length single. I guess you’ll just have to watch the advert over and over on repeat.


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