My Burberry Black – The New Perfume For Women

Burberry Advert – Music, singer and model info for the ‘Intense and Sensual’ internet and TV commercial for My Burberry Black fragrance for women.

This ad for the new My Burberry Black parfum stars the English actress Lily James, who’s currently best known for playing the character Lady Rose Aldridge in ITV and PBS Masterpiece’s period drama Downton Abbey.

The commercial shows the 27-year-old sheltering from the rain under her umbrella, before spraying herself with My Burberry Black and stripping off. The advert finishes with Miss James sitting nude against a giant bottle of the Burberry perfume.

Song Title: I Put A Spell On You.
Artist/Singer: Duffy.

Providing the music you hear is Welsh singer Duffy, with a cover of the classic song ‘I Put A Spell On You’.

The track was originally written and recorded in 1956 by the American singer-songwriter Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, who’s other song ‘Little Demon’ featured in the recent Fitbit Blaze commercial. Nina Simone also recorded her own version of I Put A Spell On You in 1965.

Unfortunately, despite this ‘Intense and Sensual’ video having originally been posted to the Burberry YouTube channel back in August, Duffy’s cover still doesn’t appear to have been released for full-length download.

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