Virgin Holidays – When You’re Smiling

The world is your playground in a quite literal sense in this brand-new ‘Seize The Holiday’ advert for Virgin Holidays. The video features over and undersized people experiencing the world in a very different way, from skateboarding on cars, to living in a miniature Las Vegas inside a pinball machine.

Song Title: When You’re Smiling.
Singer: Andy Williams.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

The song playing in this 2018 advert is ‘When You’re Smiling’, with this particular version being performed by the American pop music and easy listening singer Andy Williams. The song itself was written back in 1928 by Mark Fisher, Larry Shay and Joe Goodwin, then recorded that year by jazz pianist and vocalist Seger Ellis.

This 48-second ‘The World Is Your Playground’ ad was posted to the official Virgin Holidays YouTube channel on 15 September, 2018.

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