Muller Light Greek Style Yogurt Advert – Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Muller Advert Song 2018 – Video, music and singer details to the brand-new TV ad for Müller Light Greek Style Yogurt, starring British athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, aka KJT.

This latest advert for Müllerlight again shows a muscle-bound man making a poor attempt to impress a lady, who happens to be far more interested in the fat and sugar content of her yogurt.

Advert Music
Song Title: Blindfold.
Singer/Band: Theda East & The Soul.
Download From: Amazon & iTunes.

The tune playing in the background of this video is a track called ‘Blindfold’ by Theda East & The Soul, which was released in February, 2016. In addition to being available to download as a single, Blindfold can also be bought as part of the artists six-track EP ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

The Ad Video
Katarina Johnson-Thompson is a Liverpool-born heptathlete who, as is displayed briefly at the beginning of this commercial, is now a World Indoor and Commonwealth gold medal winner, in a category that was once dominated by fellow Brit Jessica Ennis-Hill.

More commonly seen on our TV screens running, jumping or throwing, KJT is instead seen here enjoying a ‘Mullerlicious’ Greek Style Yogurt, only to be shocked to learn that it’s fat free and contains no added sugar.

Then, in a similar style to previous Müllerlight ads, a guy trying in vain to get her attention gets distracted from what he’s doing and in this case falls off a treadmill. But if you’re going to be turning to flex your biceps while running in a gym, what do you expect?

Also promoting itself as thick and high in protein, this 30-second advert for Müllerlight was published to the brands official YouTube channel on 24 May, 2018.

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