Müller – ‘I Got 5 Grains On It’ Bears

Video and song details to the bears 5 Grains Crew YouTube and TV advert for Müller 5 Grains rice pots.

Original Song Title: I Got 5 On It.
Original Rappers/Group: Luniz.
Download the original Luniz single from: iTunes and Amazon.

So where to start with this one? Well love it or hate it, Müller’s new 5 Grains TV advert certainly grabs your attention.

The Müller bear is back and this time he’s brought his full 5 Grains Crew, who’s array of hairstyles include an Afro and dreadlocks.

The bears are on the streets performing a reworded cover of the song ‘I Got 5 On It’, which was released as a single in 1995 by American hip hop duo Luniz.

Müller’s new version of the track includes the lyrics ‘It’s got wheat in it. Got barley in it. It’s got millet in it, yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s spelt in it.’ So together with the rice, that makes up the snacks five grain ingredients.

This 30-second ad, which is currently drawing a mixed reception in the YouTube comments section, was posted online on the 3rd of November, 2017 and is now airing during TV commercial breaks. Grr.

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