M&S Christmas Advert – #TheArtOfChristmas

M&S Advert Music, Christmas – Video and song details for Marks and Spencer’s new ‘The Art Of Christmas’ YouTube and TV commercial.

When I first saw &S’s entry into the fiercely competitive Christmas 2015 TV ad market, I was surprised to see they hadn’t gone with a fresh seasonal soundtrack.

Song Title: Uptown Funk.
Artist/Performers: Mark Ronson feat’ Bruno Mars.
Download Original Version With Vocals From: Amazon and iTunes.

As with the companies earlier ‘Art of Design’ commercial, Marks and Spencer have gone with their instrumental version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars familiar hit ‘Uptown Funk’.

Steering clear of any traditional winter wonderland-style song, the upmarket retailer have instead gone down the high-tempo party season route. This is underlined as a conscious decision from the ads creators when you hear the video starting off to ‘O Christmas Tree’.

It appears here that in terms of their choice of music, M&S didn’t want to be too predictable or cliché, but isn’t that what the festive season is kind of about?

In terms of visuals, the theme very much continues. You can forget about any snow-covered rooftops or magical Christmas spirit, with this one instead focusing on materialistic gift giving and looking good.

Undoubtedly a very visually impressive piece of work, any other time of year I’d probably be raving about it. I personally find it a little too cold and sterile though. Some of us prefer advertising that sells a dream, more than the reality.

The video was uploaded to M&S’s official YouTube page on the 6th of November, 2015.

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