Morrisons Advert Music – Morrisons Makes It

Morrisons Advert Music 2016 – Singer and song details for the supermarkets new ‘Tradition – Morrisons Makes It’ TV and YouTube ad.

Song Title: Joy.

Artist/Singer: Will Young.

Available For Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

The soundtrack to Morrisons’ latest TV advert comes courtesy of Will Young, with his 2015 song ‘Joy’.

Following on from ‘Love Revolution’, Joy was the second single to be released from the singers sixth studio album ‘85% Proof’.

Unlike many talent show winners since him, this original Pop Idol continues to enjoy success many years after his victory, with 85% Proof having reached number 1 on the UK album chart.

Morrisons posted their new ‘Tradition’ commercial to YouTube on the 13th of March, 2016, with the video designed to get us in the mood for a traditional family roast this Easter. Although the ad could probably work just as well promoting a furniture retailer.

The advert shows a family welcoming a number of guests into their home for a nice cooked dinner this Spring. But despite being well prepared food-wise, the hosts appear to have overlooked the seating situation. Like they’d had no idea anyone would be stopping by, the father and his kids rush to set-up some very improvised dinning chairs for the big Easter feast.

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