MoneySuperMarket – Sindy ‘Thelma & Louise’

MoneySuperMarket have done it again, another great advert set to another great soundtrack. Personally, we think this new Thelma & Louise inspired ‘Epic Sindy’ video is one of the comparison websites best.

Playing the roles of Thelma and Louise in this short 2018 remake are dolls Sindy and Sindy. That’s not a sexist remark by the way, they literally are dolls, or at least CGI recreations of dolls. Following the storyline of the 1991 movie, the pair find themselves surrounded by police after a car chase, leaving them with the choice of either handing themselves in or driving over a cliff.

Song Title: Go Your Own Way.
Band: Fleetwood Mac.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon.

The fitting song choice for this Epic Sindy MSM advert is the 1976 track ‘Go Your Own Way’, which was recorded by the British-American soft rock band Fleetwood Mac. Featuring the lyrics “You can go your own way. . . You can call it, another lonely day. . . Everything’s waiting for you”, this piece of music appeared on the group’s eleventh studio album ‘Rumours’, but surprisingly only reached number 38 on the UK singles chart. Rumours however quite rightly went on to top both the UK and US album charts.

The above 60-second official version of this #EPICSINDY advert was posted to the
MoneySuperMarket YouTube channel on 15 September, 2018 and the ad is already being broadcast during TV commercial breaks.

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