MINI Convertible – Stay

Song information for the new ‘If I could only close my eyes’ MINI Convertible TV and YouTube commercial.

Singer/Musicians: You Guys – Fritz Rating and Niels Zuiderhoek.

This advert for the new MINI Convertible features a song called ‘Cat Laundry – Awake’ by the Berlin-based musicians Fritz Rating and Niels Zuiderhoek, aka You Guys.

In what many viewers will consider a bit of a tease, this track has been recorded exclusively for MINI’s ad campaign and isn’t due to be officially released for download.

Listen To A Longer Version Of This Song

In addition to featuring in the above 30-second advert, which was posted to MINI UK’s YouTube channel on the 26th of February, 2016, the track has also been used in a much longer Mini promo video below. Starting at about 7:50 into the video, the song runs right through the credits to its 9:25 conclusion:

Though this is unlikely to be word perfect, the lyrics sung in the shorter TV ad go something like this: ‘Oh dear, if I could only close my eyes. And she, show a paradise.’

Even though this catchy tune succeeds in drawing attention to the commercial, it still feels to me like Mini are missing a trick by not bringing out the full song as a single.

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