Michael Buble Fragrance Commercial Song – ‘By Invitation’ Fine Fragrance For Women Advert

Michael Buble Commercial Song 2016 – Soundtrack details to the Canadian crooners advert for his debut ‘By Invitation’ Fine Fragrance for Women.

Song Title: My Kind Of Girl.

Artist/Singer: Michael Bublé.

Pre-Order The Song From: iTunes, Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Michael Buble has just launched his debut fine fragrance for women and he’s calling it By Invitation. The above musical theatre-style promo shows the singer being drawn to a lady who’s just put on some of his own perfume.

Michael and the girls eyes meet while riding in separate New York yellow taxi cabs, before the two get out to enjoy some sidewalk dancing and romancing. The crooner helps himself to a flower from a street florist, pursues the elusive lady, then finally catches up with ‘his kind of girl’. I tell you, only in America.

Now for the surprise details of this commercials soundtrack: The song is being sung by Michael Buble and is titled ‘My Kind Of Girl’.

Less obvious though is the fact this track is taken from the artists upcoming studio album ‘Nobody But Me’, which is due to be released for download on the 21st of October. The song and a deluxe version of the album are now being listed for pre-order.

If this tune sounds familiar, that’s probably because My Kind Of Girl has previously been recorded by such legendary singers as Frank Sinatra and Matt Monro.

The above 60-second advert was uploaded to Michael Bublé’s official YouTube channel on the 24th of August, 2016.

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