Mercedes C-Class – ‘Go Wherever Your Heart Takes You’ 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz Ad – Video, soundtrack and singer information to this ‘Go Wherever Your Heart Takes You’ TV commercial for the C-Class 4MATIC Estate.

Song Title: By My Side (INXS cover).

Artist/Singer: Martin Gallop.

Download or sample the original INXS version on: Amazon and iTunes.

A father drives through stormy weather to get home to his wife and son in this new Mercedes advert for the C-Class 4MATIC Estate.

The music we hear playing in this commercial is a new cover of the INXS song ‘By My Side’, which the Australian band fronted by Michael Hutchence released as a single back in 1991.

According to Mercedes, the cover used in this TV ad is being performed by the Canadian born, Berlin-based singer/songwriter Martin Gallop, although a full length version has so far not been released for download.

The above 30-second ad spot was posted to the official Mercedes-Benz Cars UK YouTube page on the 2nd of October, 2017.

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