Mercedes-Benz – Approved Used Cars

Mercedes Advert – Song and artist details for the Mercedes-Benz Approved Used cars YouTube and TV ad.

Mercedes-Benz UK’s new advert for their Approved Used car buying service includes a song from 1996 called ‘No Diggity’.

Song Title: No Diggity.
Group/Rappers: Blackstreet (feat. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen).
Available For Download Via: Amazon and iTunes.

Featuring the lyrics ‘I like the way you work it’, the track is performed by the American R&B group Blackstreet, along with rappers Dr. Dre and Queen Pen.

The single was taken from Blackstreet’s second studio album ‘Another Level’ and managed to top the US Billboard Hot 100. Here in Britain, the song reached a respectable number 9 on the official singles chart.

Mercedes new advert shows a boy going though life, constantly receiving his families used and unwanted hand-me-down’s. With the guy clearly fed up of always getting worn-out stuff, things take a turn for the better at the end as we see him get his hands on a shiny used Mercedes. The ad finishes with the on-screen message ‘Used, but not what you’re used to.’

This 30-second advert was uploaded to the official Mercedes-Benz UK YouTube channel on the 1st of April, 2016 and is already airing on British TV.

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