McDonald’s – ‘It’s A Lovely Day’ We Make Breakfast

Song and singer info to McDonald’s brand-new ‘At Least That’s Breakfast Sorted’ online and TV ad.

Artist/Singer: Perry Como.
Song Title: It’s A Lovely Day Today.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

McDonald’s latest commercial focuses on the fast food chains breakfast menu, which is served each day until 10:30am. The advert shows people getting up early in the morning, preparing for the work or school day ahead of them. With lots of things to organise, along with busses, taxi’s and trains to catch, McDonald’s tells us that, thanks to them, ‘At least that’s breakfast sorted’.

The tune playing in this ad is Perry Como’s version of ‘It’s A Lovely Day Today’, which the American singer recorded back in 1950.

The above ‘We Make Breakfast’ video was added to the McDonald’s UK YouTube channel on the 21st of April, 2017.

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