McDonald’s Coffee – McCafé ‘Madness’

Music and singer details for the fast food restaurants new coffee-themed McCafé internet and TV ad.

Song Title: Madness.
Musician/Singer: Prince Buster.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

McDonald’s new advert promotes the companies line of McCafé coffee, while taking the opportunity to make fun of over-complicated and overpriced hipster cafes.

The commercial shows cafe customers lose patients with drawn-out coffee preparations, react shocked to inflated charges, and when one man asks for the WiFi password, he’s told it’s “Fly high with your dreams”.

For those of you sick of confusing cafe menus, ridiculous rituals, or simply insane pricing, McDonald’s McCafé apparently offers customers great tasting coffee made from freshly ground beans, but with none of the fuss or frills.

The song used in this advert is the appropriately titled ‘Madness’. Performed by the Jamaican singer-songwriter Prince Buster, the track was released back in 1963 as part of the artists first studio album ‘I Feel The Spirit’.

Madness is now available to download as a single and can also be found on Prince Buster’s 1968 compilation album ‘Tutti Frutti’.

The above 60-second version of McDonald’s McCafé TV ad was posted to the companies official UK YouTube page on the 17th of February, 2017.

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