McDonald’s Christmas Advert – The Doll

McDonald’s Christmas Advert – Watch the full length video of the fast food restaurants new ‘The Doll’ festive YouTube and TV ad campaign.

Before we get on to the video itself, the music you hear playing in this McDonald’s Christmas advert is a new soundtrack composed especially for the ad by Manchester-based synch licensing agency Woodwork Music.

As with most bespoke music that’s created specifically for a TV advert, we don’t expect this piece to be released for commercial download.

In what we’d rate as one of the best Christmas adverts of 2016, this short film stars a little vintage doll named Juliette, who appears destined to spend another year living in Jeffrey’s toy shop.

After taking Juliette out of her box, the shop owner puts the doll on display in his window, saying “Maybe this year”. But as the days go by and with no customers willing to give her a home, Juliette eventually takes matters into her own hands by venturing out across the street to the McDonald’s restaurant opposite.

There the little doll hops into a shopping bag with budget Buzz Lightyear-esque toy ‘Meteor Mike’, before heading off to her new home just in time for Christmas.

The above full length 90-second version of this advert was posted to the official McDonalds UK YouTube channel on the 20th of November, 2016.

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