McDonald’s Wraps – Bold Move

Video, music and band details to McDonald’s UK’s new ‘Bold Move’ ad for their Fiery Buffalo Chicken One wraps.

In a similar theme to two previous adverts for McDonald’s wraps, this latest video shows a male customer again falling for a female Maccy D employee while ordering his meal.

McDonald’s Wraps Advert Music
Song Title: What If’s & Maybes.
Band: Bromheads Jacket.
Find onAmazon & iTunes.

The soundtrack to this commercial is a tune called ‘What If’s & Maybes’, which was released in 2006 by the English two-piece garage rock band Bromheads Jacket, who’re now known simply as Bromheads.

This ‘Bold Move – Wraps TV Ad’ video was uploaded to the McDonald’s UK YouTube channel on 26 June, 2018. Oh, and we’re not currently sure whether the lady starring in this video is an actress or a real employee.

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