McDonald’s Advert – Good To Be Home – Song by Soul II Soul

This new McDonald’s UK TV advert shows two young women returning to Britain after a holiday abroad.

Despite being quickly faced with the usual airport hassles and the reality of our countries wet and windy weather, once the pair get stuck into a Maccy D’s breakfast they decide “It’s good to be home”. Because let’s face it, in what other country could you buy a Sausage & Egg McMuffin?

Song Title: Back to Life (However Do You Want Me).
Artists: Soul II Soul.
Download From: Amazon UK & iTunes.

Opening with the lyrics “Back to life, back to reality”, this latest McDonald’s advert song is the 1989 R&B, house hit ‘Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)’, which was recorded by London musical group Soul II Soul.

29 April 2019

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