McDonald’s – Big Flavour Wraps ‘Live Bolder’

McDonald’s Advert – Autumn, 2015 – The new ‘Live Bolder’ BBQ Pulled Pork and Hot Peri Peri Chicken TV commercial.

McDonald’s latest TV ad introduces us to their new selection of Big Flavour Wraps. The advert shows a tattooed female employee with superhuman hearing preparing a BBQ Pulled Pork One wrap, filled with Batavia lettuce and chunky coleslaw. Meanwhile, her male colleague serves up a Hot Peri Peri Chicken One.

In addition to the pulled pork and peri peri chicken, these wraps also come in sweet chilli chicken and BBQ chicken & bacon varieties.

Following the ad being uploaded to McDonald’s UK YouTube channel on the 13th of October, many social media users began questioning why the woman in the video wasn’t wearing gloves and if the fast food chain even allows employees to have that many visible tattoos.

The ad features an indie rock song which we’re currently unable to identify. The track appears to either be a little known, older piece of music, or a brand-new song yet to be released for download.

What we can tell from listening to the commercial a couple of times is the songs lyrics go something like this: ‘She’s a little wild and she’s ready to go, go, go. She’s working hard, she wants you to know. She’s on fire, but everyone is oh so slow. When she goes out dancing, it’s a disaster. She likes it louder, she likes it faster.’

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