McDonald’s Advert Music – Rhythm of the Night

Here in the UK McDonald’s has just launched a new TV advert to promote their 24 hours a day opening times, featuring a cover song from an earlier ad.

In this new late-night commercial video we’re shown places where people have to work right through the night, but with those night shift workers themselves invisible.

In fact, those hard-working men and women only appear while after entering a McDonald’s, which fits in with the ad’s tagline “Over 700 restaurants serving a world most of us never see”.

Song Title: The Rhythm of the Night.
Singer: Hattie Webb.
Download From: Amazon UK.

As was also the case with the companies 2016 ‘We Are Awake’ campaign, this ‘Night Workers, Overnight’ 2020 McDonald’s advert features a relaxed, slowed down piano-based cover of Corona’s dance hit ‘The Rhythm of the Night’.

Not to be confused with DeBarge’s funk tune of the same name from 1985, the uptempo original was released by Italian group Corona in 1993, giving them a number 2 hit on the UK singles chart.

The slowed-down cover you hear playing in the Maccy D commercials was recorded by the English singer Hattie Webb, who’s one half of the Kent-based musical duo The Webb Sisters. Since its inclusion in the first advert, Hattie’s cover has been released for download as a full-length single.

9 March 2020

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