McDonald’s Advert Music, Summer 2016 – Good Times

McDonald’s Advert Music 2016 – Song information for the current ‘Good Times’ TV and YouTube commercial.

Song Title: That’s Entertainment.

Original Artist/Band: The Jam.

Download the original Jam version from: Amazon and iTunes.

McDonald’s latest Good Times ad uses a piano cover of The Jam’s 1980 song ‘That’s Entertainment’.

Although this new instrumental version isn’t available for download, you can of course still get your hands on the original.

Written by the bands lead singer Paul Weller, That’s Entertainment featured on The Jam’s fifth album ‘Sound Affects’ but wasn’t actually released as a UK single.

This good times advert shows people of all ages enjoying themselves in many different ways, with a little help from McDonald’s. If the video is to be believed, it appears the fast food chain is also a good place to meet potential partners.

The above full length version of the ad was uploaded to the McDonald’s UK YouTube page on the 20th of May, 2016. However, possibly due to fans of The Jam not appreciating the use of Weller’s work in a commercial campaign, the video doesn’t appear to be going down too well with many of its viewers.

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