McCoy’s Advert Song – Caraoke Singing ‘Ghost’ Crisps Commercial

McCoy’s Crisps Advert 2015 – Music and singer details for the full length August/September ‘Go Bold’ car-aoke commercial.

What’s the name of the song used in the new McCoy’s advert and who sings it?

Song Title: Ghost.

Singer: Ella Henderson.

Download Track From: iTunes or Amazon.

Don’t you just hate it when people do this? Pulling up at a petrol pump when they’re just going in the shop to buy a packet of crisps!

Anyway, the song used in this great new ad for McCoy’s Crisps is called ‘Ghost’, which was written and sung by former X Factor contestant Ella Henderson.

The full length, minute-long commercial (which you can watch above) shows a plumber initially enjoying a good bit of caraoke, though only when he’s sure nobody else can see or hear him. But when he later visits the petrol station to pick up a bag of McCoy’s Crisps, our man can suppress his singing desires no longer.

If the out of tune, yet passionate vocals weren’t a big enough release of inhibitions for you, he even throws a few questionable dance moves into the mix for good measure.

Though this may at first appear an isolated outburst of energy which nobody could’ve seen coming, closer inspection of the video reveals the guys pick-up truck boasts the private number plate ‘Be Bold’. Perhaps already prone to such public displays of pure musical emotion, the combination of Ella’s ‘Ghost’ and those flame grilled steak crisps were just too much to handle. I keep going to the river to pray. . .

The Song

After bizarrely coming nowhere near winning The X Factor in 2012, despite being by far the most talented contestant, Ella Henderson quickly got to work on proving just how successful she could be.

Taken form her debut album Chapter One, the teenagers first single ‘Ghost’ was released in June of 2014, going on to reach number 1 in the official UK singles charts.

The English singer-songwriter has since followed that up with such tracks as ‘Glow’, ‘Yours’, ‘Mirror Man’ and her most recent song ‘Glitterball’.

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