Mattessons – The Snackarchist ‘You ain’t that dude’

Mattessons Advert – Artist and song details for ‘The Snackarchist’ TV ad, promoting Mattessons Fridge Raiders and Savages meat snacks.

Song Title: Dude.
Musician/Rapper: Lethal Bizzle X Stormzy.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Had enough of being told what you can and can’t snack on? Ready to stick it to the man? Then apparently Mattessons range of Fridge Raiders and Savages snacks could be just what you’re looking for. Not limiting his rebellious nature to snacking selection, the ads ironic antihero goes out of his way to break the rules. From not using the other door, to almost walking on the grass, ignoring a no ball games sign, parking his scooter in a motorcycles only area, running (on a treadmill) next to a swimming pool and ‘diving’ in the no diving section.

This one-man uprising even refuses to wait behind the line at the bank and, perhaps most worryingly, use the correct toilets for his gender. The ad ends with The Snackarchist passing on crisps and instead grabbing some packs of Fridge Raiders from the local shop. Given his previous conduct, are we to assume he left the store without paying?

Mattessons ‘Meat Your New Snack’ commercial was uploaded to the companies YouTube page on the 5th of February, 2016. The advert features the song ‘Dude’ by Lethal Bizzle X Stormzy, which was released for download in October, 2015.

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