Marks and Spencer – Spend It Well

M&S TV Ad – Video and music details for Marks and Spencer’s brand new ‘Spend It Well’ internet and TV ad campaign. #SpendItWell

In a much-needed change to the retailers ‘Adventures In’ adverts, which felt like they’d been running forever, M&S has finally freshened things up with this new ‘Spend It Well’ campaign.

Song Title: Rebel Rebel (Instrumental).
Original Artist: David Bowie.
Download The Original Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

The 60-second Marks and Spencer advert tells viewers that “Life’s short, and spending it well isn’t always about saying yes. It’s sometimes having the conviction to say no.”

The video, which was posted to the M&S YouTube channel on the 3rd of May, 2017, finishes with the slogan “We only get one life. Let’s spend it well.”

The soundtrack to this advert is an instrumental version of David Bowie’s 1974 classic single ‘Rebel Rebel’, which reached number 5 on the UK charts.

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