Maltsmiths Advert – Dancing – Song by Hall & Oates

Pilsner larger brand Maltsmiths put on a big song and dance number for this TV ad campaign, with the video showing a woman dancing and jumping around a brewery as she goes about her job.

The advert is titled ‘When You Love What You Do’. Oh and if you were trying to find the dancing actresses name, we so far haven’t been able to identify her either. This commercial originally began airing last year and is now back on television for Summer 2019.

Song Title: You Make My Dreams.
Singers: Hall & John Oates.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon UK.

This Maltsmiths advert song is the suitably upbeat tune ‘You Make My Dreams’ that was released back in 1981 by American pop-rock combo Daryl Hall & John Oates.

19 April 2019

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