Mafia 3 Trailer Song – Full Length ‘Long Way Down’ YouTube Video and Soundtrack

Mafia III Trailer Song – Soundtrack details for the extended TV and YouTube promo video from 2K Games. #Mafia3

Music Title: Bottom Of The River.

Singer/Band: Delta Rae.

Download The Song From: iTunes and Amazon.

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Following on quickly from the recent 30-second teaser, 2K Games have now released the full length Mafia III trailer.

As with the earlier 30-second teaser, this near 2 minute promo uses a song from 2012 called ‘Bottom Of The River’.

The track is performed by the American folk rock group Delta Rae and features band member Brittany Hölljes on lead vocals. Bottom Of The River was Delta Rae’s debut single and can also be downloaded as part of the bands first album ‘Carry the Fire’.

Some of the lyrics we hear sung in the trailer are: ‘The wolves will chase you by the pale moonlight. Hold my hand. Oh baby it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river.’

We’ll have to wait for the games official release date of the 7th of October, 2016 to get a better idea of Mafia 3’s storyline, but judging by this commercial it’s looking a bit more like GTA than previous titles in the series.

2010’s Mafia 2 game was developed by 2K Czech and was set during the 1940’s and 50’s. Its storyline centred around rising Italian-American mobster Vito Scaletta, who joins the Mafia after returning from service in World War II.

Mafia III however is being developed by Hangar 13 and revolves around Vietnam War veteran Lincoln Clay – a man looking to build a new criminal organisation to take on the Italian mob.

The above trailer was posted to the official Mafia Game YouTube channel on the 12th of June, 2016, nearly four months ahead of the games release. Mafia III will be available for the PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC.

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