LYNX Styling – ‘Not Just a Pretty Hairstyle’

LYNX Advert – Soundtrack and lyrics details for Lynx Styling’s new ‘Find Your Magic’ TV and YouTube commercial.

You gotta love any advert for hair styling products that contains a ‘Drink responsibly’ warning. (Do not drink any of these products).

Song Title: Not Just a Pretty Hair Style.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Performed to the tune and melody of James Blunt’s 2005 hit ‘You’re Beautiful’, the totally reworded version featured in this Lynx Styling ad goes by the name of ‘Not Just a Pretty Hair Style’.

I’m not sure who the guy signing this new 1 minute version is, but it can now be downloaded from Amazon and iTunes.

The rather quirky new lyrics go (something) like this: ‘You fry an egg without breaking the yolk. You level tables using, just some cardboard. Yeah nobody can find Orion’s belt faster than you. And you have that amazing skill to fold fitted sheets. You speak in (?) Español and no plant ever died on you. Boy you’re good at chopping onions, you won’t shed a tear. You are not just, a pretty hairstyle. Not just a pretty hairstyle.

As you can probably tell from this transcription, my knowledge of astronomy is a little better than my Spanish.

This ironic and amusing new commercial was posted to the official Lynx YouTube channel on the 6th of May, 2016.

The commercial has also been recently added to the AXE YouTube page – The brand name for Lynx in a number of countries around the world, including America.

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