Lidl Advert – Lupilu Let’s Love Summer

Lidl Advert 2018 – The discount supermarket chain promote their Lupilu by Heidi Klum kids clothing collection for girls in this brand-new ‘Let’s Love Summer’ TV ad campaign.

Lidl look to take on rival supermarkets and fashion retailers with the Lupilu brand for girls, as this advert showcases some of the collections range of summery outfits.

One of the things that certainly stands out in this Lidl advert is the song. We may be mishearing the lyrics to this track, but they sound to us like “Let’s love the summer, when the clock has no hands. We love the summer, when we don’t have no plans”.

Despite sounding like a very professional, catchy tune, this piece of music appears to have been recorded especially for these Lidl commercials. We’ll update this page when we get more details for this song, including who sings it and whether or not it’ll be released for download as a full length single.

This ‘Lupilu Let’s Love Summer’ advert video was posted to the Lidl UK YouTube channel on 5 June, 2018, with the same soundtrack also featuring in Lupilu by Heidi Klum ads for other countries.

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