Lucozade Zero – Love Island

Video, music and singer details to the new Love Island-themed ‘100% Your Type. Fancy It?’ ad for Lucozade Zero.

Soft drinks brand Lucozade have partnered up this summer with ITV2’s reality series Love Island, with this advert showing a lady on the look out for a new man, only to get turned-off by dodgy tattoos and even dodgier dancing. Luckily though, there’s a new arrival poolside: A chilled pink bottle of Lucozade Zero, which promises zero sugar and a great taste.

Advert Song
Song Title: With You.
Artist: GSPR.
Download From: Amazon & iTunes.

Featuring the lyrics “I know I’m a flirt sometimes. . . It’s just how I show my love”, the soundtrack to this ad is a song called ‘With You’ by GSPR and was released for download in November, 2017.

This Lucozade Zero, Love Island advert video was posted to the Lucozade Energy YouTube channel on 6 June, 2018.

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