Lucozade Sport – ‘Crank It’ Made To Move

Music and artists info for the isotonic carbohydrate/electrolyte drinks new ‘Made To Move’ TV ad.

Song Title: Crank It (Woah!).
DJ’s/Rappers: Kideko & George Kwali featuring Nadia Rose and Sweetie Irie.
Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Lucozade Sport’s fast-paced new ad features the suitably uptempo soundtrack of ‘Crank It (Woah!)’ – A song released for download in August, 2016 by the Brighton-based duo of Kideko and George Kwali.

The pair teamed up for Crank It with Croydon rapper Nadia Rose and London reggae singer/DJ Sweetie Irie.

With Lucozade Sport promising to help maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, and provide energy for exercise, their advert shows plenty of ways you can put all that to good use.

Filmed on a large London estate, the video shows very energetic groups of people on BMX bikes, running, shadow boxing, dancing and performing various other workouts.

Titled ‘Made To Move’, this 60-second commercial was uploaded to the official Lucozade Sport YouTube channel on the 9th of September, 2016. The ad finishes with some eye-catching body shaking and the slogan ‘You were made to move. We were made to help you’.

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