Love Rock by Shakira Advert Song

‘Rock’ and ‘Love Rock’ by Shakira Ad Music 2015: Song details for the singers latest TV fragrance commercial.

Song Title: Spotlight.

Artist/Singer: Shakira.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

This 2015 advert for Shakira’s fragrances ‘Rock’ and ‘Love Rock’ features a song by, you guessed it, Shakira.

The track chosen for the commercial is called ‘Spotlight’ and comes from the Columbian pop stars self-titled 2014 album. The song has so far not been released as a single.

The tracks from the album which did become singles were ‘Empire’, ‘Dare (La La La)’ and her duet with Rihanna ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’.

Lyrics from the clip of Spotlight used in the ad are: ‘Here is my life in the spotlight, spotlight (oh woah oh). And it’s hurting my eyes ’cause it’s so bright, so bright.’

The follow-up and companion to the fragrance ‘Rock’, ‘Love Rock’ is dedicated to the singers fans.

Other products in Shakira’s beauty range currently include ‘S’, ‘Eau Florale’, ‘Elixir’, ‘Paradise Elixir’ and ‘Wild Elixir’.

The above English language commercial was uploaded to Shakira’s official YouTube channel on the 9th of September, 2015.

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