Lloyds Bank – You’re Not Alone

Lloyds Advert – What’s the music playing in the new ‘By Your Side’ Lloyds Bank advert and who’s singing it?

Featuring the lyrics “I’ll wait ’till the end of time for you. Open your mind, surely there’s time to be with me.”, the song used in this latest Lloyds commercial is a cover of the 1996 track ‘You’re Not Alone’.

Song: You’re Not Alone.
Singer: Astraea (Jennifer Ann).
Download or stream from: Apple Music, iTunes & Amazon.

Originally recorded by electronic trip hop group Olive, this new cover version is performed by the female musician and vocalist, Astraea, aka Jennifer Ann. Jennifer Ann has previously recorded a number of covers for TV adverts, including Boots ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’ and Lloyds Bank’s earlier ‘Mad World’ soundtrack.

Watch the full-length official Astraea music video:

Here’s a look at the official music video to Olive’s dance version of You’re Not Alone, which after being remixed and re-released in 1997, went on to top the UK singles chart and win an Ivor Novello Award. Olive were a three-piece London-based group who consisted of vocalist Ruth-Ann Boyle, musician and producer Robin Taylor-Firth, along with musician and songwriter Tim Kellett.

Titled ‘The Running of the Horses’, the above 60-second version of this newest ‘By Your Side’ ad was posted to the official Lloyds Bank YouTube page on the 1st of April, 2018 and is already airing regularly on commercial TV channels.

If you’re wondering where this Lloyds advert was shot, the filming location is Dunedin beach, New Zealand.

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