Lloyds Bank – ‘For Your Next Step’ Piano

Song and pianist details to the Lloyds Bank ‘For Your Next Step’ Black Horse TV ad.

Song Title: Mad World.

Artist/Musician: Jennifer Ann.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Following on from their highly successful 250th Anniversary campaign, Lloyds Bank are back with a brand-new ad for 2016.

Again starring their trademark black horse, this latest advert features an instrumental piano cover of Tears for Fears 1982 hit ‘Mad World’.

This new version is performed by the American musician Jennifer Ann – A pianist, singer-songwriter and contemporary classical composer now living in London.

In addition to the instrumental recording you hear played in the ad, Jennifer has also released a version with her singing the songs original lyrics. Both versions are now available to download from Amazon and iTunes.

Those of you familiar with the song ‘Mad World’ will notice Jennifer Ann’s covers are more in the style of Michael Andrews and Gary Jules 2003 version, in contrast to Tears for Fears’ more up-tempo original.

Lloyds Bank’s ‘For Your Next Step’ advert was posted to the companies official YouTube channel on the 11th of March, 2016. The video shows the iconic black horse galloping in the background, in slow motion, as we see various people experiencing some of life’s key moments.

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