Lloyds Bank – ‘By Your Side’ Praise You Like I Should

Soundtrack and singer details for Lloyds brand new ‘By Your Side’ YouTube and TV ad campaign.

Artist/Singer: Hannah Grace.

Song Title: Praise You (Fatboy Slim/Camille Yarbrough cover).

Now Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Following on from last years ‘For Your Next Step‘ ad and their long-running ‘250th Anniversary’ campaign, Lloyds Bank are now back with a brand new ‘By Your Side’ advert.

In a similar style to their last commercial, Lloyds 2017 TV ad shows the famous black horse running through a variety of locations, as people go about living their lives.

The voice-over talks about how “Britain has seen great change over the past 250 years” and how the bank has “Been, and always will be, by your side”.

Featuring the lyrics “I have to praise you like I should”, the song used in this advert is called ‘Praise You’ and is officially a cover of the 1999 Fatboy Slim single of the same name.

I say officially because Fatboy Slim’s track itself sampled vocals from Camille Yarbrough’s earlier recording ‘Take Yo’ Praise’.

This new version we hear being performed in the Lloyds Bank advert was recorded by the Welsh female singer Hannah Grace and released for download on the 7th of April, 2017.

The above full length 60-second version of this ‘By Your Side’ TV ad was posted to the Lloyds Bank YouTube channel a day later on the 8th of April.

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