LG G5 Jason Statham Commercial

LG TV Advert Music 2016 – Song and artist details for the new LG G5 phone commercial, starring actor Jason Statham.

Song Title: Sports Day (Everybody Move).

Singer/Musician: Busy Signal.

Available To Download From: iTunes, Amazon and Amazon UK.

LG’s action packed ad for their latest G5 phone features a song by the Jamaican reggae artist Busy Signal.

The up-tempo track is called ‘Sports Day’ and was first released for download back in June, 2014.

This is the second new advert in just a few weeks to include music from Busy Signal, following the recent ‘Deaf Dancers’ ad for Smirnoff vodka which featured his 2015 track ‘Watch Me Now’.

LG’s big-budget commercial shows the English action movie actor Jason Statham taking on a wide variety of roles. In addition to portraying the usual aggressive male characters, we also see The Transporter star dancing in the street while dressed as a woman, then later riding a herd of charging bulls over an oncoming motorcycle, while also using two fire extinguishers.

This rather bizarre film also sees Statham’s face superimposed on to seemingly every character in the ad, from small children, to elderly ladies.

All this to advertise the new LG G5 phone and ‘friends’, which appear to include a swappable battery, a small 360 VR headset, a 360 VR camera, and of course, the essential mobile phone accessory – a rolling robot with laser.

The 1-minute ‘First phone built for fun’ commercial launched on the LG Mobile Global YouTube channel on the 1st of April, 2016 and looks likely to rack-up some seriously high viewing figures.

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