Lexus NX Advert Music – The Striking Lexus NX

Lexus Advert Song 2016 – Artist and song information for the new ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing – Striking Lexus NX’ YouTube and TV commercial.

Song Title: Steal the Scene.

Singers/Band: Danger Twins.

Available For Download From: iTunes.

The song playing in this new Lexus NX TV ad is called ‘Steal the Scene’ and is a creation of the little known American band Danger Twins.

This Nashville-based indie pop duo, who are not to be confused with another band of the same name or Brooklyn jazz group Twin Danger, released the track for download in June, 2015.

If the name Danger Twins sounds at all familiar to you, that may have something to do with the bands more recent song ‘Radar’ having been used in the Calvin Klein ck2 commercial.

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Following on from Lexus’ ads for their CT, RC and RX models, this latest advert showcases the Japanese car manufactures NX SUV. According to Lexus, the NX combines a bold, distinctive exterior, with a sophisticated and luxurious interior.

This ‘Striking’ 30-second video was uploaded to the Lexus UK YouTube channel on the 13th of June, 2016.

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