Lexus Hoverboard Advert Music – ‘Waiting All Night’

Lexus Hoverboard Ad Music: Song and singer details for the 2015 YouTube commercial.

What’s the name of the song used on the Lexus Hoverboard advert and who sings it?

The track featured on the Hoverboard’s extended promo video is called ‘Waiting All Night’ and is performed by Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre. The single is available for download from Amazon and iTunes.

Running for 4 minutes and 52 seconds, the song was released in April of 2013 and reached number one in the official UK singles chart. Rudimental are a four-piece English drum and bass band signed to the Asylum Records and Black Butter labels.

Waiting All Night features vocals from English singer-songwriter Ella Eyre, who recently enjoyed further success singing on DJ Fresh’s 2015 track ‘Gravity’. The lyrics featured in the Lexus film start off with ‘I’ve been waiting all night for you to tell me what you want, tell me, tell me that you need me.’

Since being posted to Lexus International’s official YouTube page on Tuesday 4 August, 2015, the ‘It’s here’ promotional video has already received more than 8 million views. Understandably though, many internet users remain sceptical about the board. Could this just be one big hoax, designed to get the Japanese car manufacturer talked about? If so it’s certainly working.

Let’s face it, if these videos weren’t coming from such an official source and didn’t look so professional, you’d automatically assume they’re all fake. However, apparently using magnetic levitation and liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors, Lexus insist this thing is for real.

So what’s the catch? The Hoverboard is purely for demonstration purposes, with the company having no intentions of selling the thing. Make of that what you will. Sounds to me though like Lexus managed to build a board that can technically hover for a short period of time under the right circumstances, but in terms of real-world use, is totally impractical.

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