Lexus High Performance Commercial – ‘Shatter Expectations, Nothing Else’

Lexus Commercial 2017 – Full video of the new Lexus High Performance ‘The Crystal Gauntlet with Baccarat’ YouTube and TV ad.

Lexus’ newest advert takes a look at what happens when you unleash three of their high performance cars in a room full of Baccarat crystal glassware.

Despite these 5.0-litre V8 beasts performing donuts and power slides within inches of the finely crafted crystal, none of it gets broken. Or at least not that we see in the video.

The commercial ends with the on-screen slogans ‘Shatter Expectations, Nothing Else’ and ‘Lexus High Performance, Leave A Mark’.

This 30-second ‘Crystal Gauntlet’ video was posted to the Lexus Vehicles YouTube channel on the 24th of April, 2017.

Featuring lyrics that sound like ‘I’m a rebel’, we’ve so far been unable to identify the song featured in this ad, with it likely being a bespoke piece of music recorded especially for Lexus.

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