Lexus Commercial – ‘Let’s Go’ All Weather Drive – Cabin Fever

Lexus Commercial Song 2017 – Music and singers details for the new ‘Cabin Fever – Lexus All Weather Drive – Experience Amazing’ YouTube and TV advert.

Singers/Band: Farmdale.

Song Title: Let’s Go!

Available To Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

This brand new Lexus TV commercial showcases the car manufactures All-Weather Drive technology, which is available on each of the RC, LX, GS, RX and NX models.

The ad shows the vehicles driving and power sliding through snow-covered roads and landscapes, to a fast-paced rock soundtrack.

Providing the adverts music are the American pop-rock duo Farmdale, with their up-tempo 2015 song ‘Let’s Go!’

The track can be downloaded either as a single, or as part of the bands second album ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’.

Perhaps a little late, giving all the snow we see, this 30-second ‘The Antidote For Cabin Fever – Experience Amazing’ video was posted to the official Lexus Vehicles YouTube channel on the 6th of April, 2017.

I guess either it’s a bit late, or the commercial has been released in plenty of time for next winter.

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