Lexus RX Advert Music – Jude Law’s ‘Live The Life’ Commercial

Lexus RX Advert Music 2015-2016 – Singer and song information for the car manufactures new ‘Amazing In Motion’ TV commercial, starring actor Jude Law.

Song Title: House of Moody.

Artist/Singer: Jimi Charles Moody.

Now Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Lexus Europe’s new ad for their 2016 luxury SUV stars British actor and producer Jude Law living ‘The Life RX’.

The adverts music comes courtesy of singer Jimi Charles Moody, with his new single ‘House of Moody’. According to the artists Twitter page, the song is due to be released here in the UK and most other countries on Christmas Day, 2015, but slightly later in North America, on the 8th of January, 2016.

Although this is not likely to be word-perfect, some of the lyrics sung in the commercial go a bit like this: ‘Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the moody museum. My house, and now my rules. . . It’s my house. My house, my rules. It’s my house baby. When the sun comes out, it will shine through my window. My head’s closed, eyes open. When the sun comes out. . .’

The above video, which was added to the Lexus UK YouTube channel on the 15th of December, 2015, is shown from the viewpoint of an adventurous valet parking attendant. After taking the Lexus RX’s keys from owner Jude Law, the guy begins living the life of a Hollywood star.

He downs a few oysters at an outdoor dinner party, starts rubbing sun cream on to a woman he’s seemingly never met before (don’t try that one at home folks), dives into a swimming pool, goes water skiing, drives a speedboat, then attends a fashion show, another party, a movie premiere and a secret music gig. The guy manages to cram all this in before delivering the SUV back to Mr Law, just in time to pick up a nice tip.

If Jude Law adverts are your sort of thing, you can also watch him starring in this current Johnnie Walker ‘Joy Will Take You Further’ commercial.

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