Levi’s Commercial Music – ‘Just Don’t Bore Them’ Jeans Advert

Levi’s Commercial Song 2016 – Music and singer details for Levi’s ‘Just Don’t Bore Them’ internet and TV ad campaign.

Song Title: Rumble And Sway.

Artist/Singer: Jamie N Commons.

Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Levi’s current ad campaign, which has just been brought back after originally being launched a couple of years ago, tells us all the things we should do with jeans.

The commercial says you can wear them, love them, wash them, then ‘don’t wash them, rock them, roll them, but whatever you do to them, just don’t bore them.

Providing the soundtrack to this advert is the Bristol-born blues/folk rock musician Jamie N Commons with his 2013 single ‘Rumble And Sway’.

If this British singers voice sounds at all familiar to you, there’s a slight chance that could be because another of Jamie’s tracks ‘Not Gonna Break Me’ is currently being used as the BBC’s Olympic Games theme music.

You’ll also find his song ‘Do It Till We Get It Right’ featuring in Stella Artois ‘Be Legacy’ advert and last years Ford Mondeo commercial.

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